Intaglio Prints

"The Window"

17.5" x 14"
limited edition - 10 prints
Intaglio plate inserted in a linocut
coloured ink wash

The window as we know it and use it is meant to allow us to see both inside and out.  There are times however when light is reflected, thereby blocking our ability to see inside, relegating us to an external view only.  There are times that we as people also put up blockades and those attempting to see us "on the inside" are effectively cut off.  My brother was going through a particularly difficult time as I was working on this print.  I made repeated attempts to "breech" the blockade and reach to the inside, hoping to provide some support and understanding to him.  This print simply acknowledges that there are times when these attempts will not meet with success.  We as people are not always prepared to let someone in.  Like the reflection in this window, my brother presented a strong image, and it was up to me to learn that he was simply not ready at this time to "let me see in".

Kate's Wonderland
Intaglio, black ink wash, and cut out construction
This image is of Kate, my wife who like me has a fascination for Dragon flys.  I started with a line etch and used a black ink wash to paint in the greys and blacks.  The other part of the image used cut outs from a variety of proofs, these were then assembled and glued on to the mat.  They are mounted on wooden pegs to raise them from the mat, thereby giving a 3d depth to the image.  The print is mounted in a deep frame to allow that part of the image to float.  The combination becomes the wonderland.

"We all search for our rewards....."
10" x 10"
limited edition -10
We all work in our daily lives, pursuing things that fulfil us and in that way we gain our rewards.  The process is not always easy to see, and often we are left wondering why some of our friends and acquaintances  do the things that they do.  We are surrounded by many creatures also engaged in the same process.  We make assumptions as to what they are doing but rarely do we take the time to really pay attention.  This image is not a drawing of a real creature, but rather it is loosely based upon a wasp.  Most people will see this image and assume it is a bee collecting pollen to bring back to the hive. We too make assumptions when we look at our peers and rarely spend the time to really learn about them, and what is unique to their nature.  This piece is intended to remind us that more often than not, we make assumptions, as we fail to truly take a closer look at the things around us.

Shaman's Flight (O.O.B.E)
Intaglio and wash
9 1/2" x 15"
limited edition - 10

O.O.B.E. stands for an Out of Body Experience, a Shaman's Flight so to speak.  The Dragon Fly represents the spirit of the individual, while the landscape remains undefined, and is a bit foreboding.  The image then, represents the initial flight, but fails to document the full journey.  The individual will have to assess the experience upon their return in order to determine the meaning.  They will encounter images that may be significant to themselves while on their journey. These are unknown at the time of departure and the landscape contains few clues as to where they may travel.

line etch and aquatint
17 x 24
limited edition - 20

This image was made as a tribute to a very dear friend, whose beauty was hard to define.  "Ivy" had a strength and ability to care for those around her that is hard to describe.  She was one of those who gave and gave, without ever patronizing those who approached her.  She had the ability to listen, and to connect with those in trouble or some form of personal pain.  She spent years on the crisis line always extending some form of hope to those who called.  Her own life brought with it many struggles, she lost a daughter to cancer, her own health deteriorated prior to her passing.  In spite of the pain she had to endure, she retained her special beauty to the end.  The dragon fly is a symbol of that beauty, the branches and twigs surrounding it are meant to represent her own personal struggles.  This image is for you Ivy and more importantly for those who never had the chance to meet you, to discover your strengths and inner beauty.

Earthly Delights
line etch and aquatint
7" x 11"
limited edition 20

drypoint and collage on plexiglass with water colour wash
22" x 30"
limited edition - 5

Kate is my wife and this print was made from a drawing that I made years ago.  Kate had come home from working in a group home with socially handicapped children.  While at work I was always aware of the fact that she gave without limitation.  She arrived home one night while I was drawing and I had her sit for me.  It wasn't long before she fell asleep, she was simply exhausted.  I revisited the drawing and used the image to create a plate, taking it further than the original drawing.  The image is made up of rough lines and crude textures yet they document her inner beauty and strength.

"Dear Albrecht..."
line etch
8 1/2" x 7"
limited edition - 20

line etch and aquatint
18" x 22"
limited edition - 8

line etch and aquatint
7" x 8 1/2"
limited edition - 10

line etch and soft ground
6" x 18"
limited edition - 15

cut copper plate line etch and deep bite
15" x 20"
limited edition- 10

line etch and aquatint
7" x 10"
limited edition - 20

line etch and aquatint
3" x 8 1/2"
limited edition - 20

open bite deep etch embossed
5" x 9 1/2"
limited edition - 20

line etch and aquatint
7" x 8 1/2"
limited edition - 23

drypoint on plexiglass
10 1/2" x 14"
limited edition - 10

line etch and aquatint
limited edition  24

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